State of the art LED light tubes designed for illumination of commercial chillers and coolers as well as supermarket refrigerator and freezer units. This series is designed to be mounted vertically, with specially designed optics providing bright and even illumination of the cooler face. Versions are available with optics suited to mounting either in the centre or at the edges of the cooler. These devices are IP65 rated and carry UL, NSF and CE approval.


  • Drinks Coolers/Chillers
  • Vending Machines
  • Supermarket Refrigeration
  • Industrial Freezers

Typical Electro-optical Specifications (Ta=25°C)

TypePart NumberDimensions (mm)Input VoltagePower Consumption (W)Luminous flux (lm)Beam Angle (90%)CCT (K)CRIIP Rating
Centre MountingTDK14KGS4D1SC11125×40×28 (4 ft.)24VDC131170Special - see plot350080IP65
Centre MountingTDK14TGS4D1SC11125×40×28 (4 ft.)24VDC131170Special - see plot400080IP65
Centre MountingTDK14DGS4D1SC11125×40×28 (4 ft.)24VDC131170Special - see plot500080IP65
Centre MountingTDK18KGS5D1SC11575×40×28 (5 ft.)24VDC171530Special - see plot350080IP65
Centre MountingTDK18TGS5D1SC11575×40×28 (5 ft.)24VDC171530Special - see plot400080IP65
Centre MountingTDK18DGS5D1SC11575×40×28 (5 ft.)24VDC171530Special - see plot500080IP65
Centre MountingTDK20KGS6D1SC11803×40×28 (6 ft.)24VDC18.51700Special - see plot350080IP65
Centre MountingTDK20TGS6D1SC11803×40×28 (6 ft.)24VDC18.51700Special - see plot400080IP65
Centre MountingTDK20DGS6D1SC11803×40×28 (6 ft.)24VDC18.51700Special - see plot500080IP65
End MountingTDK10KGS4D1SE11111×40×28 (4 ft.)24VDC9.75850Special - see plot350080IP65
End MountingTDK10TGS4D1SE11111×40×28 (4 ft.)24VDC9.75850Special - see plot400080IP65
End MountingTDK10DGS4D1SE11111×40×28 (4 ft.)24VDC9.75850Special - see plot500080IP65
End MountingTDK12KGS5D1SE11569×40×28 (5 ft.)24VDC11.25935Special - see plot350080IP65
End MountingTDK12TGS5D1SE11569×40×28 (5 ft.)24VDC11.25935Special - see plot400080IP65
End MountingTDK12DGS5D1SE11569×40×28 (5 ft.)24VDC11.25935Special - see plot500080IP65
End MountingTDK13KGS6D1SE11785×40×28 (6 ft.)24VDC12.251020Special - see plot350080IP65
End MountingTDK13TGS6D1SE31785×40×28 (6 ft.)24VDC12.251020Special - see plot400080IP65
End MountingTDK13DGS6D1SE11785×40×28 (6 ft.)24VDC12.251020Special - see plot500080IP65

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