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Ledtech addresses sectors with products specifically designed to fit the particular requirements of each application.  LEDs have significant advantages: for architectural lighting, they enhance the exterior of buildings, are unaffected by the cold and reduce maintenance issues and costs. Compactness, colour and directional light provide limitless opportunities for creative signage.  In retail, LEDs can safely illuminate food and textiles as they are UV and infrared free.  In commercial environments, light in various colours can even stimulate biorhythms of office workers. LEDs plus light management systems reduce energy consumption by 75%, an advantage that can save a great deal of money in any premises operational 24/7, including hospitals and industrial complexes.

These are just some examples – our products meet international standards and lead the way in efficiency across multiple markets: commercial, consumer, industrial, office, retail, business and finance, transportation, signage, instrumentation, healthcare, vending and gaming machines, hotels, restaurants, and leisure and public spaces.

About Us

Global Manufacture, Local Expertise LED LIGHTING, LUMINAIRES AND COMPONENTS Ledtech is one of the world’s largest capacity LED manufacturers. Our solid-state lighting products and components are used by some of the most recognised names in the industry and SMEs alike.  Our customers operate in highly diverse sectors worldwide and we constantly invest in people, technology…

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Ledtech Electronics Corp has been audited by accredited international standards bodies and carries the following approvals: ISO 9001 ISO 9002 QS 9000 TL 9000 ISO 14001 ISO/TS 16949 (2009) Our products comply with RoHS and WEEE directives and we are regularly audited by leading worldwide brands to individual companies’ quality product and process programmes.

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Leading edge LED technologies; assured supply

GLOBAL CAPABILITIES WITH LOCAL EXPERTISE We have fully-integrated vertical manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan, ensuring we retain the technical expertise, product knowledge, and quality methodology that is required to be one of the world’s largest producers of LEDs, displays and luminaires. The combined capacity of our Taiwanese and three Chinese factories amounts to over…

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