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Take a Tour – We maintain all manufacturing processes in house, from the die bonding of chips through to final product assembly.  View our videos: Die Bonding, Welding, Applying Silicon, Phosphor Coating, Luminaire Assembly.

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The Benefits Of LEDS

LEDs have significant advantages: for architectural lighting, they enhance the exterior of buildings, are unaffected by the cold and reduce maintenance issues and costs. Compactness, colour and directional light provide limitless opportunities for creative signage.  In retail, LEDs can safely illuminate food and textiles as they are UV and infrared free.  In commercial environments, light…

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Case Studies

Ledtech’s wide range of successful lighting projects includes: Family Mart Offices – Taiwan – Ceiling grid lighting Vending Machine Lighting – Europe and USA – T5 Light Tube School Lighting – UK – T8 Light Tube Bus Lighting – Italy – Custom Made Light Tube Taiwan National Palace Museum – Gallery Lighting – Linear Light…

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About Us

Global Manufacture, Local Expertise LED LIGHTING, LUMINAIRES AND COMPONENTS Ledtech is one of the world’s largest capacity LED manufacturers. Our solid-state lighting products and components are used by some of the most recognised names in the industry and SMEs alike.  Our customers operate in highly diverse sectors worldwide and we constantly invest in people, technology…

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